The Opinion My Friends About Me

Before I'm describe opinion my friends about me, I would like to introduce myself hehehe It's can't important, hahaha

My name is : Akhiruddin

Class : 3EB01

Faculty : Economics

Department : S1 - Accounting

I'm confused to disclosure this, it's very hard to me to describe the opinion my friends about me, but from many friends says to me that:

  1. I'm a funny,
  2. Fussy boys, hahaha it's true, because I'm very like share and joke with my friends
  3. Friendly,
  4. Easy going,
  5. Smart??, I Think is a only opinion my friends about me because my result can't like this… hehehe
  6. Helpful, yes… I'm very like to help my friends if they are have a problem
  7. And any more. But many friends say to me that an arrogant, I think can't like this because they are unknown me yet.

Beside that I'm have a many bad characteristic, I want to hidden my bad character but it's so hard. My bad character is:

  1. Lazy, hehehe standard
  2. Forgetful person, hahaha, etc.

I think was enough, so thank you very much for your attention. Specially for my friends I hope u from now you know me.. hehehe yup… it's me…

Thank you very much…

akhiruddin lubis

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